Sit Stand Desk

Sit To Stand Desk


How much of your day is spent sitting?

At the table over breakfast…

In the car or on the train on the way to and from work…

At your work desk …

Watching a bit of TV in the evening…

That’s a lot of time spent sitting! However, the main culprit is you work desk. It’s a place you spend around 7 hours each day. 7 hours of sitting in a stationary position.

Did you know Australian office employees spend up to 82% of their day in a sedentary or “sitting” position? This isn’t good for their health. In fact, sitting for 11 hours or more a day increases a person’s risk of heart disease by 50% and doubles the risk of colon cancer.

These are concerning statistics, but there is something you can do to minimise this risk. Get yourself a sit stand desk.

Sit Stand Desks

Sit stand desks are adjustable (through a crank or electronic motor) workspaces designed to provide the greatest level of flexibility, comfort, and increase productivity in the workplace.   With most office workers spending the vast majority of their day sitting down, many employees are welcoming a sit stand desk with open arms.

Continuous movement is the key to maintaining a healthy body, however it’s impossible to achieve this when seated in a stationary position day in day out for up to 8 hours a day.  A sit stand desk allows workers to change their work position with the flick of a switch.   The ability to lower these desks back into a seated position allows everyone to be accommodated, allowing workers to trial a standing work position to their own discretion.   

Benefits of Sit Stand Desks

There are many ergonomic benefits to working on a sit to stand desk, including:

  • Decreased discomfort and workers to feel more active
  • May lead to a higher level of productivity
  • Alternating weight distribution places less stress on the spine
  •  Improves blood circulation
  •  Reduced pressure on the lower back, buttocks and legs as different sets of muscles are activated  

The benefits aren’t just for workers either.  By providing sit stand desks in their office environment, employers reduce OHS risks and create a safer, more productive work environment for all employees.   Check out Lakes Office Furniture’s extensive range of Sit Stand Desks above. We’re confident we have a Sit Stand Desk for every office space – including corner desks. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 1300 855 690 to discuss the best option for your office.